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Signum - Shamisan

March 21, 2011
Within the past 13 years, Dutchmen Ron Hagen and Pascal Minnaard reached nothing but highlights on the road to the top. Together, they're responsible for all-time classics like 'What Ya Got 4 Me', 'Push Through', 'Come Around Again' and 'First Strike', released under their Signum moniker. Though their sound is mostly known for its trancy character, their debut album 'For You' combined countless different styles, coming together in a 12-track masterpiece. From this full-colour collection of electronic dance music, Signum already presented 'Liberate' featuring Kate Louise Smith. After this tempting vocal piece, they now return with a new single. Follow-up 'Shamisan' convinces with a constant drive, flaming trance synths and tension-building effects. On the remix, American producer Shogun took away some of 'Shamisan''s techy influences and exchanged them with more gentle prog sounding trance elements. One flawless flow of sound. 'Shamisan' is one that'll please all trance fans, whether for chair raving or dancing the night away. Support by: Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Dash Berlin, Paul Oakenfold, Simon Patterson, Alex M.O.R.P.H., M.I.K.E, Blake Jarrell, Lange, Leon Bolier, Greg Downey, Andy Moor, David Forbes, Rank 1,


  1. 0. Shamisan (Extended Mix) (07:25)
  2. 0. Shamisan (Shogun Remix) (07:38)
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