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Sied van Riel & Erik Arbores - In Ur Face

June 18, 2012
The official anthem to one of Holland's latest additions to the summer festivals, Electronic Family, is the playful and rocking tune of 'In Ur Face'. Combining the experience of Dutchies Sied van Riel and the fresh ears of Erik Arbores, 'In Ur Face' does exactly what its title implies. June 30th is the date, the Amsterdamse Bos is the place. Gathering thousands of dance and trance lovers for its first edition in 2011, the 2012 festival is looking up to be another highlight in the Dutch summer season. Giving sound to that unifying character of sun, beats and dance music, is the first collab of the 14 year-old Erik Arbores and fellow Dutchman Sied van Riel. 'In Ur Face' is a melodic, piano-driven and catchy tune with a playful character, a booming bass and a big-room vibe. We'd love to see you smile at Electronic Family to this one!


  1. 1. In Ur Face - Electronic Family Anthem 2012 (Original Mix) (06:01)
  2. 2. In Ur Face (Electronic Family Anthem 2012) (02:26)
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