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Shogun - Lotus / Space Odyssey

December 12, 2011
Next in line of the exclusive Universal Religion Chapter 5 jewels, is the new E.P. of American producer Shogun. Stand by for the out-of-this-world pieces of 'Space Odyssey' and 'Lotus'! Nothing can stop an imposing musical career to launch for Taiwanese born, US-based producer Shogun. This young talent has kept the quality high and the sounds his own, all the way from the warm 'Nadia', 'Save Me' and 'Imprisoned' to 2011 hit 'Skyfire'. The charts are no longer safe, for his new duo is about to hit in. 'Space Odyssey' rocked the first CD of Armin van Buuren's prestigious 'Universal Religion Chapter 5' compilation, sending its listeners straight to melodic heaven. A melodic piece of feel-good with an extraordinary countdown. 'Lotus' could very well be the musical sister of 'Skyfire', filled with energy of trance, warm synths and the soothing, dreamy voice to guide you through it. Another powerful duo from the unstoppable force of Shogun!


  1. 1. Lotus (Original Mix) (09:02)
  2. 2. Space Odyssey (Original Mix) (09:08)
  3. 3. Lotus (Original Mix Edit) (03:25)
  4. 4. Space Odyssey (Original Mix Edit) (03:59)
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