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Shogun featuring Hannah Ray - Nadia

January 25, 2010
Some names will never lose their strength - as it calls upon a past memory or fragment. One of love, hurt or something in between. It's what 'Nadia' did to producer Andrew Chen. This American born Taiwanese DJ/Producer left his mark upon the dance scene with a residency in the world-famous Ministry of Sound club and his two previous release, 'Panic Room' and 'AT3'. No wonder, after graduating with an Audio Engineering Degree in 2006 and building himself a fully equipped studio, he would soon come out with a few majestic results. On 'Nadia', Shogun tells you a story on delicious, frail progressive trance - with a little love-ballad in between. 'Nadia' received its vocal translation by Hanna Ray, a British vocalist that's been singing professionally for ten years already. Her most recent success was a collab with Tritonal on 'Jump Off', and be sure - this lady's got much more coming up. Her soulful, strong voice carries 'Nadia' to a higher level - giving it the full force impact it deserves. Left in memory for a long time to come, this tender-caring, warm progressive tune will surely be one that stands out.


  1. 0. Nadia (Extended Mix) (08:22)
  2. 0. Nadia (Dub Mix) (08:22)
  3. 0. Nadia (Radio Edit) (03:13)
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