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Shogun - Come With Me

November 22, 2010
The list of releases is getting longer and his name is growing with every single of the tracks in it. With his name resounding all across the scene, Shogun now presents the follow-up duo to his 'Nadia', 'Save Me' and 'Imprisoned': 'Come With Me' & 'Star Line'. A double release, divided in non-vocal and vocal, both riding the same enchanting, powerful prog-trance sound we've heard on Andrew Chen's previous tracks. 'Come With Me', featuring the extraordinary vocals of UK singer/songwriter Susie takes you in with a gentle and warm breeze of deep, melodic trance. In 'Star Line', you'll find a tempting instrumental, deep and diverse. Big uplifting synth-melodies, revealing a stunning break that'll give you goosebumps, guaranteed! Support by: Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Myon & Shane54, Ashley Wallbridge, Signum, Signum, Lange, ATB, Tenishia, Andy Moor, tyDi, Leon Bolier


  1. 0. Come With Me (Original Mix) (07:30)
  2. 0. Come With Me (Dub Mix) (07:30)
  3. 0. Star Line (Original Mix) (07:40)
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