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Shogun - Amplify / 550

April 30, 2012
US-based producer Shogun makes the world go for an extra round. Fuelled with warm beats, blue-sky melodies and energy, the up and coming talent provides us with 'Amplify' and '550'. Mister 'Skyfire' has landed another magical duo. Growing into one of EDM's most promising names, ever since bursting onto the scene with 'Nadia', 'Save Me' and 'Imprisoned', have made the expectations rise high. But Andrew Chen climbs on top, presenting his new duo 'Amplify' and '550'. 'Amplify' is a solid and powerful track, driven by melody and hitting in exactly where it needs to. '550' is an ode to the A State of Trance 550 celebration, and nearly made it as the winner of the anthem competition. Though the ASOT550 world tour has passed, the music inspired by it will last. With '550', Shogun brings out a strong trancer with techy elements and a fulfilling payoff.


  1. 1. Amplify (Original Mix) (08:30)
  2. 2. 550 (Original Mix) (09:12)
  3. 3. Amplify (Radio Edit) (04:00)
  4. 4. 550 (Radio Edit) (04:04)
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