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Shermanology - Movin' Too Fast (Remixes Part II)

January 16, 2017
Building on the momentum conjured by the kick-ass original and the amazing treatments from HIDNN and Jack Wins, Shermanology’s ‘Movin’ Too Fast’ gets another batch of remixes. With the brand-new versions from AfroTura and Mike Mendo adding to the diversity, this release just keeps getting better.


  1. 1. Movin' Too Fast (Mike Mendo Mifa Remix) (02:53)
  2. 2. Movin' Too Fast (AfroTura Remix) (03:12)
  3. 3. Movin' Too Fast (Mike Mendo Mifa Extended Remix) (04:57)
  4. 4. Movin' Too Fast (AfroTura Extended Remix) (05:17)
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