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Shelter Point - Fuse

July 07, 2017
When you were a small child… Did you ever have a sneaking suspicion that there was something more to creepy movies than met the eye? Did some part of you believe that when you saw something otherworldly - something altogether strange - that it was possibly real? Or at the very least, that it was based on real events? See, as it turns out, many an unsuspecting movie has come about thanks to the odd and rarely documented friendship between Tim Burton and The Bearded Man. Edward Scissorhands? True story. Nightmare Before Christmas? It ACTUALLY happened. Well, it was an actual nightmare that Tim had before Christmas, so I guess that doesn’t really count. But the rest? Almost all of the movies are just things that happened when the two were hanging out. For whatever reason, weird things just happen when the two get together. Neither one of them has ever thought too much about it, but they’ve surely taken it to the bank on multiple occasions. Beetlejuice was actually the story of when Shelter Point and… Oh wait. NSFW, sorry.


  1. 1. Fuse (04:05)
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