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Ruben de Ronde x Elevven feat. Lara - Shadow Of Us (Electronic Family 2019 Anthem) [Remixes]

November 29, 2019
Working wonders on Ruben de Ronde and Elevven’s anthem for Electronic Family 2019, Terry Da Libra and Bogdan Vix display their exceptional production skills with their respective remixes of ‘Shadow Of Us’. From Terry Da Libra’s velveteen Progressive twist to Bogdan Vix’s no-holds-barred rendition, this remix pack sets a brand-new standard for club music worldwide.

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  1. 1. Shadow Of Us (Electronic Family 2019 Anthem) (Terry Da Libra Remix) (04:01)
  2. 2. Shadow Of Us (Electronic Family 2019 Anthem) (Bogdan Vix Remix) (03:22)
  3. 3. Shadow Of Us (Electronic Family 2019 Anthem) (Terry Da Libra Extended Remix) (06:39)
  4. 4. Shadow Of Us (Electronic Family 2019 Anthem) (Bogdan Vix Extended Remix) (05:54)
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