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Setrise vs Johann Stone - Icesave

June 04, 2012
Holland and Iceland unite in the sounds of young talents Setrise and Johann Stone. They might be rookies to the game, but with the melodic prog-trancer of 'Icesave', they know more than well how to play it. Setrise, a fast rising name in the Dutch trance scene, responsible for tunes such as 'Odysseus', '39e' and of course, his remake of classic tune 'Kernkraft 400'. He pairs up with Reykjavik local Johann Stein, bringing us a warm, gently flowing trancer with a feel for prog. 'Icesave' easily gets under your skin, and with the support of Armin van Buuren to get the hype started, this could just turn into one of trance's new favourites.


  1. 1. Icesave (Original Mix) (06:16)
  2. 2. Icesave (Radio Edit) (02:57)
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