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Sem Vox - Disarm (DLDK Amsterdam 2018 Anthem)

February 23, 2018
Dividing releases between Armada and his own DLDK label, Sem Vox claimed anthems for Manchester and Amsterdam in 2017 with ‘Are U Ready’ and ‘Waiting for You’. The softly-scented vocal of ‘Disarm’ teases you into an explosion of synths and tropical hiccups while putting up its best defences, Amsterdam’s Vox creating an artillery of body-shaking dance-pop that has won admirers such as Diplo, Afrojack and Martin Garrix. Getting you settled in your headphones, the unbottling of vibrant jolts takes over like a champion racer with winner’s champagne in hand.

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  1. 1. Disarm (DLDK Amsterdam 2018 Anthem) (03:00)
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