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Seizo - Be Like Us

November 30, 2018
One of the saddest things The Bearded Man has personally witnessed is the gradual change of dance music culture. Not too long ago, dance music was decidedly counter-culture. It wasn’t necessarily “cool” at all to be a DJ, or to go to dance parties. They were mostly underground and free of the circus that comes along with global recognition. People were just at parties to have a good time and to support each other, and it became a second home for a lot of misfits with big hearts. Then, someone got word that the music could be profitable, money came flooding in, and a whole hoard of bro-culture people started flocking in with aviators on, jacked up Jersey Shore style, and the scene was forever changed. They started caring more about VIP status and bottle service than the music itself, and DJs started focusing on the exclusivity of their private jets vs. pushing sonic and emotional boundaries. We can’t say for sure if it was this observation that formed the basis of “Be Like Us”, but there are many strong parallels...

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