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Sebastian Davidson - Late Night Obsession

October 04, 2019
When the daylight fades and the darkness takes over, it’s as if a new world opens up. Carefully balancing out the serene and the shadows, the deep of the night is where mystery prevails, where uncertainties and sudden twists tell tales of their own. It’s where you can think, reflect and ponder as you tap into the surge of creativity within. And it’s exactly that dreamlike state of mind that made Sebastian Davidson emerge with his second artist album to date: ‘Late Night Obsession’. The Dutchman’s second album to surface in barely eighteen months, ‘Late Night Obsession’ urges fans to dive in deep through no less than eleven standout tracks. From title song ‘Late Night Obsession’ (feat. Nathan Nicholson) to the soundscapes in ‘Gonzo’ (feat. Hym), ‘Moraine’, ‘Yugen’ and more, each track has a story to tell and a path to follow, inspired by the things that happen when the curtains are drawn and the light has gone out. All of that has been translated into an album that fearlessly steps into the twilight, driven by that signature sound the world has come to love. Welcome to Sebastian Davidson’s ‘Late Night Obsession’.

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  1. 1. Sebastian Davidson feat. HYM - Gonzo (03:47)
  2. 2. Sebastian Davidson - Watch The Leaves Turn (03:40)
  3. 3. Sebastian Davidson - Moraine (03:57)
  4. 4. Sebastian Davidson - Argument (03:25)
  5. 5. Sebastian Davidson - Slow Goods (02:46)
  6. 6. Sebastian Davidson feat. Nathan Nicholson - Late Night Obsession (03:14)
  7. 7. Sebastian Davidson - Snow (02:11)
  8. 8. Sebastian Davidson - Parallel (03:45)
  9. 9. Sebastian Davidson - Natural Beauty (04:56)
  10. 10. Sebastian Davidson - Yugen (02:45)
  11. 11. Sebastian Davidson - Airdate (02:58)
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