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Sebastian Bronk - U R My Everything

March 25, 2013
Something tasty has smashed into the Energetic Sounds label. Make way for the latest offer of Sebastian Bronk, cause 'U R My Everything' is ready to rock! If the rousing swirl of electro, house and a sweet feel-good temper gets your liking, then here's your anthem! Following the bang that was 'Moonshiner', the Bronk guy brings the beat back with the solid 'U R My Everything'. A sunny, highly contagious tune that makes it impossible not to smile. Whether you like it vocal or instrumental - this one will get you either way.


  1. 1. U R My Everything (Vocal Mix) (05:35)
  2. 2. U R My Everything (Dub Mix) (05:35)
  3. 3. U R My Everything (Vocal Radio Edit) (03:03)
  4. 4. U R My Everything (Dub Radio Edit) (03:36)
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