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Sebastian Bronk - Moonshiner

October 22, 2012
Making a fresh start in the game of music, Dutchman Sebastian Bronk hits in with 'Moonshiner'! We're pretty sure you'll have this fresh, feel-good tune stuck on replay soon! Making name under his Basti Lourenz moniker, it was the sound of his 'Bang' which rippled the house waters in late 2009. Three years later, he's back with new stamina for the never-ending beat, crashing in with the tasty 'Moonshiner'. A highly energetic tune, hitting into your system with highly contagious synths, a sunny melody and a strong beat. On the remix, we find young talent Renvo, polishing 'Moonshiner' with a rough and tough electro vibe, making a fine blend with the prog-house sound he's known for. But he's not the only one on remix duties. Our pink masked mystery men of the 2 Faced Funks project gave 'Moonshiner' their own feel of eclectic, while Artistic Raw strips down the tune and gives it a minimalistic big-room taste!


  1. 1. Moonshiner (Original Mix) (05:57)
  2. 2. Moonshiner (2 Faced Funks Remix) (05:45)
  3. 3. Moonshiner (Renvo Remix) (06:07)
  4. 4. Moonshiner (Artistic Raw Remix) (05:18)
  5. 5. Moonshiner (Radio Edit) (03:11)
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