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Sebastian Brandt - 450

March 29, 2010
The A State of Trance radioshow is up for its 450th episode. Five parties, spread over 2 weekends in 4 different countries will make this milestone a celebration to remember for a long time. Making it extra special, is the fact that there's an official theme that'll rock the speakers in Toronto, New York, Bratislava and Wroclaw: '450'. Armin van Buuren gave the honourable mission to please the ASOT fans to Sebastian Brandt. A mission in safe hands of the Swedish producer, who's put thousands of trance fans into a frenzy with his 'Serenade', 'Technology' and 'So Cold'. The same distinctive sound lets itself be captured on '450'. '450' is a track that has everything essential to an everlasting theme: a big dose of energy, the right beats and an epic break with classical influences. And all that with the real Sebastian Brandt sound; characterized by a strong build-up, breakdown and pure trance influences.


  1. 0. 450 (Original Mix) (08:26)
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