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Sean Tyas - Solo

May 16, 2011
Sean Tyas, New York native now residing in Switzerland, is one of the lucky few. He fluently mixes melodic harmony with a driving trance groove, characterized for its relentless energy, yet going strong with diversity. Previous successes, 'Lift', 'Seven Weeks' and 'One More Night Out' were all successfully road-tested by Armin van Buuren, before having them released on his A State of Trance label. Same goes for Sean's latest masterpiece. 'Solo', a track that is as effective on the legs as it is on the heart. 'Solo' has everything essential to an everlasting trance anthem, both in the 'Guns' and 'Roses' version of it. A soothing, melodic break will grab your attention before rapidly fading into banging beats with a feet-killing tempo. Remarkable tension builds up one storm of a record, representing Sean's significant sound from the first till the very last beat. Whether you love 'Solo' more melodic in the 'Roses' or banging in the 'Guns' mix, both are electrifyingly good. Scott and Matt Harris, hailing from the UK, reworked 'Solo' under their Organ Donors moniker. The outcome quite off the down-tempo path, ready to rumble the club speakers. Their remix is a floor-destroying tech-explosion ready to take the roof off!


  1. 0. Solo (Guns Version) (07:18)
  2. 0. Solo (Roses Version) (06:52)
  3. 0. Solo (Organ Donors Remix) (07:27)
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