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Sean Tyas - NYPD

April 09, 2012
Though love is what lured him to Switzerland, Sean Tyas will never lose his pride for home town New York. He brings a solid ode to the Big Apple with the banging 'NYPD', pulling the trigger with firm beats and an intense melody. For over 10 years already, the Tyas sounds have filled our daily lives, weekends clubbing and most memorable moments on the dance floor. This guy is responsible for majestic pieces such as 'Lift', 'One More Night Out', 'Solo' and 'Banshee', not to mention the impressive list of remixes he's done over these past few years. 'NYPD' is the next big thing to hit in from the talented producer. Shattering, thick beats, a funky vibe and that trancy, distinctive touch that is so typically Tyas. You either love the original, or crush hard on the playful thing called 'Weirdo remix'!


  1. 1. NYPD (Original Mix) (06:06)
  2. 2. NYPD (Weirdo Mix) (06:10)
  3. 3. NYPD (Radio Edit) (03:06)
  4. 4. NYPD (Weirdo Mix Edit) (03:02)
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