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Sean Tyas - Ivy / Tingle

November 09, 2009
The in Switzerland residing New York king of trance, Sean Tyas, is back with another A State of Trance release. It's been a mere 2 years since Sean's 'One More Night Out' swept the dancefloor with its unique piano sensitivity and beat-banging balance. Not that Sean hasn't been keeping himself busy over those 24 months, cause besides a few heavy-weight remixes for the likes of Push and Armin van Buuren, he's also been feeding the crowd with some special collabs. For this A State of Trance release, he's back on his own though. 'Ivy' and 'Tingle' is the trancy duo set to work the Tyas magic once more. Sean:" It's pure trance. 'Ivy' has a very cute throwback to old-school Gouryella feel with what I call a 'make-out' breakdown, and 'Tingle', a slightly different style of melody, is based more on a repeating melody that has the main changes occur under it. I really hope people enjoy dancing to them!" We're pretty sure they will, Sean.


  1. 0. Ivy (Original Mix) (08:58)
  2. 0. Tingle (Original Mix) (08:010)
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