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Sean Tyas feat. Lo-Fi Sugar - The World

July 08, 2012
Topped with the sugar-sweet vocals of Lo-Fi Sugar, Sean Tyas confirms his status as one of the tastemakers in trance melodies with the feel-good tune 'The World'! It seems that Swiss based US producer Sean Tyas has found back his groove. These past few months, he's done nothing but delivering quality tunes, from the banging 'NYPD' to the uplifting 'Take My Hand' and the electro edged and proggy 'Lekta'. There's no stopping the Tyas sound, now landing another winner. 'The World', featuring the dreamy vocals of US singer/songwriter Lo- Fi Sugar, is one big chunk of energy, melody and feel-good sounds. A great addition to your summer playlist! On remix-duties, we find German producer Darren Porter, giving 'The World' a deep, proggy swing. Dreamy, deep and absolutely stunning.


  1. 1. The World (Original Mix) (07:19)
  2. 2. The World (Darren Porter Remix) (08:21)
  3. 3. The World (Radio Edit) (04:08)
  4. 4. The World (Darren Porter Radio Edit) (04:03)
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