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Sean Tyas feat. David Berkeley - Take My Hand

April 23, 2012
A true master of instrumental bliss, Sean Tyas reveals a different side of his musical skills with the vocal piece 'Take My Hand'. He teams up with US singer David Berkeley once again, bringing us a heartfelt trancer with a dreamy touch. Serving quality releases for more than 10 years and infecting the trance scene with the Tyas sound, has resulted in global hits such as 'Lift', 'Solo', 'Banshee' and 'One More Night Out'. These will now be followed by vocal piece 'Take My Hand'. A prog-trancy track, with rock influences and the warm, touching vocals of David Berkeley. A perfect theme for those hands-in-the-air moments. Subculture mastermind John O'Callaghan remixed this beauty and brought it to life with a higher BPM and a strong and playful touch, highlighting the vocals.


  1. 1. Take My Hand (Original Mix) (07:10)
  2. 2. Take My Hand (John O'Callaghan Remix) (08:34)
  3. 3. Take My Hand (Radio Edit) (03:22)
  4. 4. Take My Hand (John O'Callaghan Radio Edit) (05:47)
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