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Scotty.A - Anxious E.P.

July 02, 2012
Trying anxiously to avoid being pigeonholed, UK producer Scotty A strikes down a solid, but diverse three-E.P. on the Electronic Elements label. Let 'Anxious', 'Continue' and 'January Blues' slip right into your system. Though dj'ing for over 15 years, it was the year of 2009 in which Scotty Andrews started testing his luck as a producer. Well, it worked. Three years into perfection his sound, he's on for a debut on Electronic Elements, with no less than three winners. It's clear that this talent has a thing for the deep stuff, delivering three proggy tunes with each piece having a unique feel to it. 'Anxious' is the calming, deep leader of the trio, taking you on a little trip outside your mind. And while 'Continue' is the darker one of the threesome, 'January Blues' plays with its melodies and moves you with a tender feel-good vibe.


  1. 1. Anxious (Original Mix) (07:34)
  2. 2. January Blues (Original Mix) (08:00)
  3. 3. Continue (Original Mix) (08:00)
  4. 4. Anxious (Radio Edit) (04:49)
  5. 5. January Blues (Radio Edit) (04:47)
  6. 6. Continue (Radio Edit) (04:50)
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