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Scott Forshaw & Greg Stainer feat. Brit Chick - Dreaming

September 30, 2016
In what could only be a true follow-up to their very first record on Armada Deep ('Do You Feel The Same', released in the summer of 2015), Scott Forshaw, Greg Stainer, and featured singer Brit Chick go all out with their new single. ‘Dreaming’ is House music at its finest, packed with sweet organ stabs, soulful vocals, and shuffling beats. Bring your friskiest of dance moves; it is on tonight!


  1. 1. Dreaming (03:26)
  2. 2. Dreaming (Forstain VIP Mix) (03:25)
  3. 3. Dreaming (Extended Mix) (04:39)
  4. 4. Dreaming (Forstain Extended VIP Mix) (04:42)
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