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San Antonio Harbour - Romantic Avenue

September 29, 2008
An untouchable chemistry. That's what you get when you combine the warm, tender voice of Adrina Thorpe with the tropical heat and always shining, sunny sounds of DJ Shah. Their co-op track 'Who will find me' has stolen the hearts of numerous music lovers, dj's and producers both in and outside the scene. But there's more to come.Another track that goes beyond beauty, is 'Back to you'. Already featured on Shah's massive 'Songbook' album, hammered by the big dj's and receiving tremendous feedback by fans, this next release on the Magic Island imprint is definitely a good follow-up for their earlier success. The formula to success comes in the form of soft guitar, catchy beats, a leading piano twist and last but not least, a steady pace in which Adrina manages to capture you with her delicate but spot-on vocals, again. It keeps you longing for nothing else but more, more and more. Added to this tasty basket, is the smashing remix of Egyptian trance kings Aly & Fila, who took the song to another level and dipped 'Back to You' in their well-known trance sound.


  1. 0. Romantic Avenue (Original Mix) (09:05)
  2. 0. Romantic Avenue (Sundown Mix) (07:21)
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