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Ruben de Ronde - Stoer

July 12, 2010
Boys will be boys and once a Dutchman, always a Dutchman. His musical sense has been there from early days, and he's been using it professionally since the year 2006, when his first few remixes caught the attention of the DJ elite. We're talking about no one less than Ruben de Ronde, who's stirred up the tracks of Way Out West, Aly & Fila, Push, W&W in several branched out remixes and caused quite a few highlights with his 'Grand Boulevards' and the more trancy 'Forever In Our Hearts'. This time, he's setting this in motion with his debut release on the Pilot 6 imprint. And it's one hell of a rough, tough and delicious ride, we can tell you that. 'Stoer' obeys to its Dutch name and sways in with temping melodic kicks in a strong, seductive force of tech-house vs prog-house. Dance is what you'll do, whether you want to or not. There's just no standing still to this biggie. 'Stoere' beats are what you get! The two remixes that await you, clearly shows the diversity and potential of the track. Swedish DJ/producer Sebastian Brandt, shows he's not restricted to any style or sound, with a very groovy, big-room yet minimalistic sounding remix. The deep side of Dutch producer Bas van Essen comes out in his own interpretation of 'Stoer', as he works out his prog-skills to the fullest.


  1. 0. Stoer (Original Mix) (05:24)
  2. 0. Stoer (Sebastian Brandt Remix) (07:44)
  3. 0. Stoer (Poze Remix) (06:16)
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