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Ruben de Ronde - On My Mind

October 23, 2014
Sometimes tracks just seem to 'happen'. Ruben was making a soundscape/filmic production mix for a major event (as walk in music) and in the process the track you are checking right now was born! 'On My Mind' is a dark filmscore/downtempo/ambient track with a bright piano, thus not suitable for your average dancefloor. So Statement! is proud to present two grand remixes! First out of the pack is the amazingly talented French producer Alexandre Bergheau! He has drawn the attention of uplifting fans due to productions like 'Ca-mind', 'Damavand' and 'Colors of Persia'. Secondly is another man on fire: Hazem Beltagui from Egypt! Who doesn't know his recent productions 'We Are' and 'Red Is The New Back'. He remixed 'On My Mind' into his progressive sounds!


  1. 1. On My Mind (Alexandre Bergheau Remix) (08:06)
  2. 2. On My Mind (Hazem Beltagui Remix) (05:58)
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