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Ruben de Ronde & LTN - Fernweh

October 13, 2014
LTN & Ruben de Ronde... It's a combination we've been waiting for, and the song speaks for itself. 'Fernweh' is the feeling of wanderlust, a desire to travel to far-off places... With production so pristine it's almost unbeatable, this combo strikes the perfect nerve. Get pulled in by subtle pads, striking piano, and crisp drums. If a picture's worth a thousand words, 'Fernweh' is worth a book.


  1. 1. Ruben de Ronde & LTN - Fernweh (Ruben de Ronde Radio Edit) (03:22)
  2. 2. Ruben de Ronde & LTN - Fernweh (LTN Radio Edit) (03:43)
  3. 3. Ruben de Ronde & LTN - Fernweh (Ruben de Ronde Mix) (06:34)
  4. 4. Ruben de Ronde & LTN - Fernweh (LTN Mix) (07:00)
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