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Ruben de Ronde - Grands Boulevards

November 16, 2009
Though an Armada in-house producer, the 6.5 foot tall Dutch producer surely doesn't need a big stepping stone to end up where he wants to be. Testing his skills on tracks like 'Noir', 'Republique' and translating the sounds of W&W, Push, Simon & Shaker and many others into his remixes, he's one of those backstage producers that keep the variety of sounds alive. More than comfortable switching from nu-generation trance to deep progressive and tasting the feel of cutting edge tech-house, the young Dutchman now brings us 'Grands Boulevard'. An easy-going progressive track that'll ripple the club's sound waves with a warm and deep sound. Ruben's long legs will see him take big steps on the 'Grands Boulevard' of high class productions, once again showing not to have taken a one way road. 'Grand Boulevard' received remixes by Emmanuel B. and Taras van der Voorde. While Dutch producer Taras went for a salty-flavoured tech-house tune, Emmanual brought a spicy electro- tho pumping flavoured remix to the table.


  1. 0. Grands Boulevards (Original Mix) (07:00)
  2. 0. Grands Boulevards (Emmanuel B. Remix) (06:56)
  3. 0. Grands Boulevards (Taras van de Voorde is in or a little rave now Mix) (07:00)
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