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Ruben de Ronde - From Sao Paulo To Sofia (Remixed)

November 10, 2014
Last year, a couple of months before the ASOT600 tour, Dennis of Alda Events approached me with a random request: putting together music for the first hour of each live show, creating a vibe in the venues while the crowd entered the venue. Something that would build a certain vibe or tension.
I took the challenge, but instead of making a DJ mix, I decided to fully produce this show element. After months of work I finished the hour of music, and it was used during the tour.

After the tour, I didn't even think that people would be interested seeing this as a regular release, as it was easy listening music.
I decided to give the music away on Facebook, as a dedication to the two cities and crowds I played for during this ASOT600 tour: Sao Paulo and Sofia. 

One year later, ' From Sao Paulo To Sofia' has been embraced by many people, including I would say, the least expected person in the dance industry: Hardwell. 
He has used the full album as warm up music during his massive 'I AM Hardwell' tour, as well as in his documentary. 

As all of the tracks on the album are non-danceable tracks, I have asked my favorite producers to give their own twist to the tracks, and in your hands is the result!


  1. 1. They Are Not You (LTN Remix) (05:47)
  2. 2. Forever In Our Hearts (David Broaders Remix) (08:11)
  3. 3. Pure (RNX Remix) (06:45)
  4. 4. Noir (10dens Remix) (07:29)
  5. 5. One Bad Hero (Rodg Remix) (07:02)
  6. 6. Timide (Wellenrausch's Dark Matter Remix) (08:07)
  7. 7. Pure (Danny Chen Remix) (06:36)
  8. 8. She's Already Gone (LTN Remix) (06:29)
  9. 9. On My Mind (Fabio XB Guitar Of The Sun Remix) (07:32)
  10. 10. Noir (Biotones & Nazca Remix) (06:01)
  11. 11. A-Tention (Bram Troost Remix) (06:50)
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