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Ruben de Ronde - Forever In Our Hearts (Spotlighted By Jorn van Deynhoven)

December 12, 2014
In 2009 Ruben wrote a track called Forever In Our Hearts, which was a dedication to a dear friend and collegue Fokko Versloot, whom passed away at a very young age. A while ago, Jorn van Deynhoven came and told him the following: I love the melody, why didnt you ask me to do a remix?. Then suddenly at A State of Trance 550 in Den Bosch, Jorn came to Ruben and handed him a CD with his Spotlighted by Jorn van Deynhoven mix. The result is a very emotional trancer, in the style of Jorn's club bomb 'Spotlight'!


  1. 1. Forever In Our Hearts (Spotlighted By Jorn van Deynhoven) (09:06)
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