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Ruben de Ronde - Different

June 28, 2019
When yet another tidal wave of music floods the surface, it’s those standing on their self-built rooftops that survive. As one to have done so by looking past the conventional boundaries and by exploring the opportunities that lie beyond, Ruben de Ronde is the sterling example of how something ‘Different’ leads to something greater. Coming forth with his third solo artist album, the globally renowned Dutchman and Statement! Recordings head honcho has balanced out some of his most esteemed tracks with a number of exclusive creations. Even the quickest of glances at the tracklist conveys what many have known all along; Ruben de Ronde is one of the rare-breed artists and his avant-garde take on music can only be applauded. From ‘Lucky Penny’ with Elevven’, ‘Games’ with Louise Rademakers and ‘Trinity’ with FUTURECODE to several never-heard-before compositions, Ruben de Ronde’s biggest thing yet is immersed in out-of-the-box supremacy, putting additional emphasis on how much he stands out from the flock of musicians that slide from pasture to pasture. Let it be known that it’s okay to be ‘Different’. In fact, it’s the best thing there is.

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  1. 1. Ruben de Ronde & HALIENE - The Hardest Part (04:20)
  2. 2. Ruben de Ronde & Roxanne Emery - Gold (03:59)
  3. 3. Elevven x Ruben de Ronde - Lucky Penny (03:38)
  4. 4. FUTURECODE x Ruben de Ronde - Trinity (03:17)
  5. 5. Ruben de Ronde & Jessika Dawn - Escape (03:27)
  6. 6. Ruben de Ronde & Matt Fax - Baguette (03:35)
  7. 7. Ruben de Ronde x Elevven feat. Lara - Shadow Of Us (Electronic Family 2019 Anthem) (03:03)
  8. 8. Ruben de Ronde & Henrik Zuberstein - Guardian Down (04:04)
  9. 9. Ruben de Ronde & Cari - Who Am I (03:51)
  10. 10. Ruben de Ronde & Estiva - Horosho (04:15)
  11. 11. Ruben de Ronde & Louise Rademakers - Games (03:22)
  12. 12. Ruben de Ronde & Kimberly Hale - Here With Me (03:56)
  13. 13. Ruben de Ronde & Evgeny Lebedev - Neverlost (03:45)
  14. 14. Ruben de Ronde & Estiva - Donnie (02:34)
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