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Ruben de Ronde & Danny Chen - Bright

October 23, 2014
Dutch Ruben de Ronde and American Danny Chen have teamed up again for their third release!! After last year's 'While You Were Sleeping' and from 2011 'The One Word', they bring you 'Bright' in 2013! It is safe to say that Danny Chen's star is rising, just think about his massive 'Last Chance For Love' still being hammered by Armin van Buuren during his warm up set of A State of Trance 600 in Mexico. We are proud to have EDU on remix duties for 'Bright'! The Lithuanian producer decided to go all rough on his interpretation, giving it his Agressive touch. For the ones that have heard Ruben de Ronde 's live set from A State of Trance 600 in Sao Paulo or Sofia, you have heard the great Dennis Pedersen Remix. A rough and pumping bassline make sure this is the way to go in your club gigs!


  1. 1. Bright (Original Mix) (06:40)
  2. 2. Bright (EDU Agressive Mix) (06:54)
  3. 3. Bright (Dennis Pedersen Remix) (06:42)
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