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Roland Klinkenberg - Tijuana Blues / Jacked Edge

October 05, 2009
After a moving year, one in which he didn't see much of his studio equipment, Roland Klinkenberg is back to his normal being. But once a musician, always a musician. So as soon as he hit the studio again, the results were just as great as the previous. Maybe even better. 'Tijuana Blues' unleashes contagious oldskool house, upgraded to the 2009 house sound. A few tasty surprises here and there, and the next Roland Klinkenberg cracker is ready to hit the floor. Same goes for 'Jacked Edge'; a rough but refined houser with an electro wink to it. Mister Klinkenberg is back, with a loud bang.


  1. 0. Tijuana Blues (Original Mix) (07:02)
  2. 0. Jacked Edge (Original Mix) (08:01)
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