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Roger Shah & Signum - Ancient World

September 20, 2010
If Roger Shah wouldn't have taken people to magical, warm places with his music, he would probably be working at a travel agency. There's just something about his musical journeys. Under countless of monikers, he and his Magic Island imprint have taken millions of trance fans to undiscovered places. On his latest travel, 'Ancient World', he once again invited the Dutch producer duo of Signum. Making a worthy follow-up to their unforgettable 'Healesville Sanctuary' was no easy task, but after hearing 'Ancient World' you know they succeeded. Dulcet harp sounds combined with atmospheric vocals welcome you. The further you go and take a deep dive into 'Ancient World', the more melodic synth-sounds build up. Once you've reached the euphoric climax, 'Ancient World' turns into a party-anthem that goes far beyond the straight forward hands-in-the-air stuff, captivating you with catchy tech-synth sounds and an unrivalled atmosphere. Both the Signum and Roger Shah remix have their own feel, as well as the warm Balearic 'Long Haul Flight Mix'. 'Ancient World' will surely reach the outer corners of the dance globe.


  1. 0. Ancient World (Roger Shah Club Mix) (07:56)
  2. 0. Ancient World (Signum Club Mix) (06:28)
  3. 0. Ancient World (Roger Shah Long Haul Flight) (10:43)
  4. 0. Ancient World (Short Edit) (03:25)
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