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Roger Shah & Sian Kosheen - Shine

February 27, 2012
German producer Roger Shah teams up with singer Sian Kosheen once more, presenting another vocal jewel from his 'Openminded?!' album. A surprisingly housy 'Shine' kicks in from the Magic Island label! Roger Shah likes to experiment, and so we've heard on his latest album. 'Openminded?!' brought a strong fusion of style, crossing over genres that no one had ever expected Shah to produce. Being a big fan of Kosheen, it was a real dream come true when she accepted his invitation to collaborate. That dream first turned into reality with the re-furnished classic of 'Hide U', reaching a Top 5 peak in the UK club charts, now followed by an entirely new song. 'Shine' is seductive, deep and maddening at the same time. Including a fully charged league of remixes, 'Shine' will most certainly be done justice on the floors. If you fancy a big bass, indulge yourself with the remix of Swiss based producer Sean Tyas. An absolutely rocking mix, that also comes in the 'Dub' version. The Magic Island remix is a solid, easy-going prog-trancer, while the trance synths of the Pedro Del Mar remix won't leave you untouched either. Last but not least, there's the contagiously remix of German house master Stefan Dabruck, better known as one half of Dabruck & Klein. Plenty of goodies in stores for it to shine in the clubs!


  1. 1. Shine (Sean Tyas Radio Edit) (03:07)
  2. 2. Shine (Sean Tyas Remix) (06:54)
  3. 3. Shine (Sean Tyas Dub Remix) (06:29)
  4. 4. Shine (Stefan Dabruck Remix) (06:39)
  5. 5. Shine (Magic Island Mix) (06:16)
  6. 6. Shine (Pedro Del Mar Remix) (07:03)
  7. 7. Shine (Pedro Del Mar Dub Remix) (05:37)
  8. 8. Shine (Video Edit) (03:50)
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