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Roger Shah presents Sunlounger feat. Inger Hansen - Breaking Waves

August 23, 2010
Lovely guitar melodies, spine-tingling synth-lines and the sound of the ocean in the back - ladies and gentleman, Sunlounger is back! The mastermind behind Sunlounger, German DJ and producer Roger Shah, teamed up with American vocalist Inger Hansen for another collab, to create the follow-up to their 'Don't Wake Me Up'. Next to the more down-tempo Album Mix and the trancy Club Mix, two great reworks of 'Breaking Waves' await you. Levan Nadareishvili from Georgia, better known as DJ and producer Nuera, translated the Balearic trancer into a deep progressive track with lots of additional effects in there. The second remix is presented by Dutch DJ and producer Richard Durand. He lend 'Breaking Waves' his typical Durand sound with a thumping, powerful bass and playful, soothing trance feel to it.


  1. 0. Breaking Waves (Club Mix) (09:14)
  2. 0. Breaking Waves (Richard Durand Remix) (06:59)
  3. 0. Breaking Waves (Nuera Remix) (07:30)
  4. 0. Breaking Waves (Album Mix) (08:05)
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