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Roger Shah and Tenishia featuring Lorilee - I'm Not God

October 19, 2009
We all wish we were at least a little divine. That we could move mountains, part the ocean, and make that one person love us. But Roger Shah, Tenishia and vocalist Lorilee keep both our feet on the ground and deliver us an important message with their new vocal track on Magic Island. After the first successful team-up of Magic Island owner and Balearic trance master Roger Shah with Maltese hotshots Cyprian Cassar & Joven Grech of Tenishia, 'You're So Cool', the producers team up with Canadian vocalist Lorilee once more. 'I'm Not God' is an intense ballad, hitting the exact right sensitive spot with gentle piano-play, lush strings, Lorilee's strong voice and of course: the beat that guides you through it all.While Roger Shah's Mix is delicately trancy, Tenishia is of the deeper progressive sort, with a hint of summer and techy dancefloor beats. Whichever style you prefer, you'll find a moving track that lingers on for a long time in both of them.


  1. 0. I'm Not God (Roger Shah Mix) (08:19)
  2. 0. I'm Not God (Tenishia Mix) (07:53)
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