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Roger Sanchez & Mike Vale feat. Kelli-Leigh - Do It Well

September 29, 2017
Back on his own Stealth label, Roger Sanchez teams with Mike Vale for one of the finer songs of the year. Mixing colorful vibes with Kelli-Leigh’s jaw-dropping vocals and soulful piano chords, they came up with a record so infectious you could hear it a dozen times in a row and still go crazy to the beat. ‘Do It Well’ is simply a perfectly executed production with ambrosial grooves sprinkled on top.


  1. 1. Do It Well (02:56)
  2. 2. Do It Well (Extended Mix) (06:06)
  3. 3. Do It Well (Instrumental Mix) (06:10)
  4. 4. Do It Well (Acapella) (04:46)
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