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Rodg - Pendejo

September 15, 2014
Rodg is a producer who's all about authenticity. His sound has earned him placement on big stages and the ongoing support of Armin van Buuren during his warm-up sets. Sometimes described as the sound of Ibiza, sometimes the sound of relaxation, his productions bring deep, melodic, and progressive energy to the forefront, creating an experience perfect for clubs, stages, or just hanging out poolside.


  1. 1. Pendejo (Radio Edit) (03:39)
  2. 2. Pendejo (Ruben de Ronde presents Ruhe Radio Edit) (03:26)
  3. 3. Pendejo (Original Mix) (06:51)
  4. 4. Pendejo (Ruben de Ronde presents Ruhe Remix) (05:44)
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