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Rodg - Is Anybody Out There

October 23, 2014
As played by Above & Beyond (GT #044) Max Graham (Cycles Radio 126) We are proud to present the next new name on Statement! Music: Rodg! The Haarlem based Dutch producer has been releasing several massive progressive bombs on his own label Bodycondition, and for this EP he joins forces with us. Rogier de Kreuk, has caught the eye of non other than Armin van Buuren with his previous single 'Jaqueline', using this track in several warm up sets and even his Essential mix! 'Is Anybody Out There' brings out Rodg 's unique progressive sound with a touch of trance! To complete this EP, Rodg has teamed up with label owner Ruben de Ronde, and together they bring 'Earning Spurs'!


  1. 1. Is Anybody Out There (Original Mix) (07:48)
  2. 2. Earning Spurs (Original Mix) (07:00)
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