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Robert Vadney - Fallen Angel's Symphony

December 20, 2010
When mentioning the name of Greece sound-creator Robert Vadney, we're talking about a true musical multi-talent.  You might have already guessed – indeed, he's a DJ and producer, but that's a 'small' part of his multi-styled skills. He founded a rock band, appears as a vocalist in various gothic tracks and his sound is often described as strange, angry and melancholic. So it's certainly no surprise that his latest release, 'Fallen Angel's Symphony', finds itself in the deeper, darker corner. Robert awaits you with a heartfelt, dramatic melody which is as diverse as its creator. Tingling synth-lines turn into playful piano sounds, backed up with a gentle vocal-line hailing from the back. Unexpected but perfectly fitting, 'Fallen Angel's Symphony' turns its sounds into bold synth-lines, offering you some techy elements after the break which are the perfect addition to the tracks fat, hard baseline. After this trip to the darker side of trance, Robert also combines the very best of techno and progressive elements on his '2011 Remix'. No-one less than Mr. Paul Oakenfold himself delivers the track's remix on the B-Side of 'Fallen Angel's Symphony'. His translation is swifter than Robert's versions and profits from the track's melodic core, now genuinely built into a huge, uplifting whole.  


  1. 0. Fallen Angel's Symphony (Original Mix) (09:05)
  2. 0. Fallen Angel's Symphony (Paul Oakenfold Remix) (07:03)
  3. 0. Fallen Angel's Symphony (Robert Vadney's 2011 Mix) (07:48)
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