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Robert Nickson - The Collection

January 18, 2010
Mention trance music, and the name of this Dutch producer comes as a natural conclusion to it. It's Robert Nickson's second nature to produce it. Down-to-earth as this multi-national producer/DJ is, he'd be the last person to brag about his talent, or number of releases. But with 9 releases on the A State of Trance label, and that doesn't even include any alias-work, it's pretty safe to say he's got some well-constructed music molecules in his DNA. Same goes for the trance music running through his veins, cause despite a few trips to progressive, he stayed true to trance throughout his full career. More than 10 trance anthems found their way out of the Robert Nickson studio. All the well known hits of this Dutch producer have now been bundled in 'Robert Nickson - The Collection'. From 'Spiral' to his latest track 'Maybe Next Time' and all essential other tunes.


  1. 1. Spiral (Original Mix) (09:14)
  2. 2. Fallback (Original Mix) (08:50)
  3. 3. Twisted By Design (Original Mix) (09:27)
  4. 4. Close Your Eyes (Original Mix) (09:010)
  5. 5. Motion Blur (08:34)
  6. 6. Never Again (Original Mix) (08:59)
  7. 7. Liberate (Original Mix) (06:48)
  8. 8. Rewire (Original Mix) (08:27)
  9. 9. Circles (Original Mix) (06:49)
  10. 10. Maybe Next Time (Original Mix) (07:11)
  11. 11. Out There (5th Dimension) (Original Mix) (09:06)
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