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Robert Nickson & Ruben de Ronde - Superlative

December 20, 2010
Straight from the headquarters of Armada Music, two Dutch talents present you the result of their very first team-up. Robert Nickson, causing some heavy waves in the trance scene with tracks like 'We Won't Forget', 'Maybe Next Time' and 'Spiral', teamed up with Armada's in-house producer Ruben de Ronde, who's delivered us masterpieces like 'Stoer' and 'Grand Boulevards', tingled by the unlimited options of diversity. The boys are ready to rock the floor, to leave it trembling deep on the echo of their new track 'Superlative', a title that says it all! Kicking in with finely cut progressive sounds and bold beats, 'Superlative' surprises and quickly turns into a tender uplifting piece. With 'Superlative', Robert & Ruben deliver a genuinely built up track with a soul-soothing melody. However, what truly makes 'Superlative' stand out, is the angelic female vocal-line on top of it all, boosting it with an absolute feel-good buzz. Heartfelt, blazing and with a typical British trance sound, Maltese producer Jo Micali appears on the flipside of 'Superlative' with his remix. Quite the contrary, is the remix of Turkish producer Lodos, who kept his focus on the progressive elements and tricks you with some profound, playful synth-lines.


  1. 0. Superlative (Original Mix) (08:00)
  2. 0. Superlative (Jo Micali Remix) (07:26)
  3. 0. Superlative (Lodos Remix) (07:00)
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