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Robert Nickson - Maybe Next Time

December 07, 2009
One by one, the trance producers of today fall for the influences of other styles. Fusions and mixes of progressive and house, forgetting the pureness of unadulterated trance. Behind all fallen ones, there's one man residing and standing up firmly. It's Dutch producer Robert Nickson that has kept the trance sound alive ever since the launch of the A State of Trance label. From ultimate classic and DJ elite favourite 'Spiral' to the latest beats in 'Circles', Robert Nickson lets them breath trance with every single tone. His tenth release on the A State of Trance label has already been making waves in the trance scene over the past few weeks, as 'Tune of The Week' in Armin's ASOT radioshow. 'Maybe Next Time' has a straight in your face-bass, banging away towards a melodic body with finely strung synths in its break. 'Maybe Next Time' is exactly on time to end the year with a powerful bang. Remix deliveries were done by American producers Eco and Avenger. Eco, known for his latest vocal track 'What Do You See' and early 2007 trancer 'Paradise Now'. His remix of 'Maybe Next Time' is full of sounds, kicking off with deep progressive while sliding off to big room trance after the break. Avenger on the other hand, stayed a lot closer to its trancy original, shooting off an uplifting, full force trance anthem.


  1. 0. Maybe Next Time (Original Mix) (07:11)
  2. 0. Maybe Next Time (DJ Eco Remix) (07:28)
  3. 0. Maybe Next Time (Avenger Remix) (08:01)
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