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Robert Nickson and Daniel Kandi - Rewire

November 17, 2008
Wire up two of the most favored trance producers of today and you’ll have a guaranteed beauty of a result once they leave the studio . ‘Rewire’ is the result of the second team-up of Robert Nickson and Daniel Kandi, both praised for their true trance sound. ‘Liberate’ was their first track, and received a very warm welcome to the scene. Same thing is about to happen to ‘Rewire’. Euphoric times are on their way, as soon as you press the play button on this one. ‘Rewire’ has a strong and steady build-up, leading to a powerful, all-hands-in-the-air type of break that’ll sweep every trance lover off their feet. On the remix duty we’ve got Canadian producer Mateo Murphy, who turned the song into a cheeky, minimalistic yet techy track, ready to take over the dancefloor.


  1. 0. Rewire (Avenger Remix) (07:55)
  2. 0. Rewire (Mateo Murphy Remix) (08:14)
  3. 0. Rewire (Original Mix Edit) (06:22)
  4. 0. Rewire (Original Mix) (08:27)
  5. 0. Rewire (Scott Richardson Remix) (08:27)
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