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Chable & Bonnici - Ride

April 22, 2013
A decade after its original release, a legendary prog-classic returned. Luke Chable & Danney Bonnici's 'Ride' drove once more, finally getting its digital release in 2012. Now that its legend has struck the clubs again, two brand new remixes give it a fine 2013 upgrade. Dutch producers Olivier Weiter and Eelke Kleijn redefine the boundaries of tech-house and progressive, letting 'Ride' slide along the thin line of it. A deep, punchy bassline and sweeping string intermezzo bring this classic right back to dance floor frenzy. The Canadian boys of Shiloh made a perfect combination to the proggy depth of 'Ride'. Their warm flowing, melodic sound comes to life in their remix of this ├╝berclassic. Be ready to meet this baby on the dance floor, once more.


  1. 1. Ride (Olivier Weiter & Eelke Kleijn Remix) (07:19)
  2. 2. Ride (Shiloh Remix) (07:52)
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