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Reza - Zambezi

May 23, 2011
Up for a musical journey of a different kind? Then salute captain Reza and join him on his latest house smasher 'Zambezi'! This follow-up to 'Live Again' and 'More Than A Friend' is anything but ordinary. Straight from its first spin on, you know 'Zambezi' is full of diversity. House beats and lush saxophone meet African vocals, all underlined with a kick of tech-house. A trip far beyond the borders of plain house music. Next to the British producing talent Reza himself, Rob Wilder and Mr. Stoneyboy - the Swedish mastermind StoneBridge - also join the party. While Rob Wilder focuses on the saxophone sounds for a wild trip into 'Zambezi', StoneBridge delivers a first class house master piece with strong build up and main room flair. All that's left to say is…enjoy your trip!


  1. 0. Zambezi (Original Mix) (06:03)
  2. 0. Zambezi (StoneBridge Re-FX) (05:32)
  3. 0. Zambezi (Rob Wilder IAMSTEREO Mix) (07:05)
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