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Rex Mundi - Techanza

January 31, 2010
It's the deeper side of progressive that fascinates Dutch producer Boy Hagemann most. Scintillating, magical sparkles glance off his new Rex Mundi release, 'Techanza'. Armed for 2010, after the success of his vocal track 'Nothing At All' and with 'Perspective' and 'Sunrise In Ibiza' still in mind, 'Techanza' brings us another one for the long run. Heavy techno-influences slap progressive right in the face with a passionate kick and chunky beat, after which prog fights back and wins after all. The Rude Original Mix is in perfect shape fit for wild moments on the floor, while the intensely delicate break of the Haunted Mix makes 'Techanza' a true 'lost-in-the-woods' type of tune, as you end up in places you had never thought were there.


  1. 1. Techanza (Rude Original Mix) (09:37)
  2. 2. Techanza (Haunted Mix) (09:39)
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