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REMZEE - Ironic

November 23, 2018
It took a long time before people finally figured out that the only reason there was a lottery was so that The Bearded Man could have an endless supply of free money. He always collected the prize under a different name: sometimes he was Thomas Beardington, other times he won as Sir Beardsmith Beezingman, or Cedric Von Beardenstein, a dapper 98 year old gentleman. Of course, he’d always have to eventually fake the death of these made up figures in order to keep people off his trail. Eventually, however, a young Canadian Songwriter saw the untimely demise of Cedric Von Beardenstein in the newspaper, and she was so captivated by the idea of an elderly man winning the lottery and then dying the very next day that it became the impetus for a new song. Her song ultimately lead to a criminal investigation of our hero, but in the end, the FBI agreed that The Bearded Man could be a more valuable tool for good than for evil, so they let him go.

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