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Rebels Without A Cause - Compuphonic

July 16, 2012
Keeping up with the high tide of the prog-house movement, is the Rebels Without A Cause project. Following their 'Red Violin' collab with York, is their feel-good prog tune of 'Compuphonic'! Mario Hammer and Andrew Bennett do it again. Who doesn't remember their smasher 'Language' from back in the days, certainly needs to study some classics. The German producers now go for a different flavor. The rough, high velocity type of prog-house is exactly what drives 'Compuphonic'. A tight, warm tune that makes it impossible to stand still.


  1. 1. Compuphonic (Club Mix) (08:04)
  2. 2. Compuphonic (Radio Edit) (04:03)
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